Composite instrument, CT 1, TiNi, StrongLiner Handle # 6


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Part Code: [CT16]
Non-stick instrument with a medium sized, spatulate shaped working end and a medium-sized condenser for universal use. Ideal for placing, to build the filling and for general Modelling.

Product details:
  • Spatula-shaped working end- width 2mm 
  • Rounded condenser - Ø 1-2mm to the tip ascending
  • Titanium coated - Resists scratches and non stick
  • StrongLiner Handle # 6
  • Stainless steel
  • Completely sterilizable
Properties "Composite instrument, CT 1, TiNi, StrongLiner Handle # 6"
Coating: coated working parts
Handle option: Handle # 6
Instrument group: Composite instr.

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