Instruments sharpen - surely by Jakobi Dental!

Every dentist feels in his daily work how useful it is to have correctly sharpened instruments. This is very important as it can have a major impact on the dentist's work.

  • The treatment time is unnecessarily extended, since it has been proven that two thirds more working time have to be spent with dulled instruments. In addition, the result of a treatment is negatively influenced by a dulled instrument.
  • A sharp instrument leaves a smooth tooth surface. It reduces the risk of slipping and thus avoids tissue damage. A dulled instrument will smooth the tartar instead of removing it.
  • Due to the strong pressure that must be exerted with a dulled instrument, the dentist tires much faster during the treatment. There is a risk that the instrument will break off.
We sharpen your instruments on the R. Quétin Sharpening Unit, which has a number of advantages:

  • Your instrument retains its original shape 100%.
  • Minimal wear on the working end.
  • Instruments from almost all manufacturers can be sharpened on this sharpening unit.
  • Instruments are sharpened under 20x magnification. This means precise sharpening through better control of the instrument during the sharpening process.
Let us help you work more effectively with your instruments. Let us sharpen your instruments and your instruments will stay alive longer and you will save a lot of time, money and nerves.

Price list of our sharpening service.

We would be very happy to count you among our satisfied customers.

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Sharpening accessories

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Sharpening disks for R.Quetin Sharpening-unit, grey, coarse, 100 pcs.
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