Tissue pliers TC, DeBakey, multiple teeth, 150mm


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Atraumatic DeBakey tweezers for the secure holding of mucosal tissue. The fine micro-serration prevents tissue perforation.
Tweezers with tungsten carbide inserts (TC) for longer service life.

Product details:
  • DeBakey Tissue pliers 
  • Total length 150 mm
  • Surgical - multilple teeth
  • TC-Tungsten carbide inserts
  • Stainless steel
  • Completely sterilizable
Properties "Tissue pliers TC, DeBakey, multiple teeth, 150mm"
Instrument group: Tweezers/Pliers
Jaws design options: straight
Kind of grasping: surgical
Total length: 150mm
with TC inserts: with TC inserts